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Adidas Porsche Design S2

Maybe you have never really understand my existence.


*SIGH* Proud to be a total cynic...NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!


@Adidas: Why do you CARE why other people don't understand your existence? YOU'RE HERE! Why does there NEED to be a f-ing reason? Seriously. Go on vacation WITH YOURSELF and have a good time for a change! I do. :-P


You just replied to a spam bot. AND you didn't correct his grammar. This means you're not a cynic, and I suspect this place is not actually for cynics, but for people who want to feel the warmth of being among others who "don't fit in".

And you know what a real cynic like me does now? Leave, and never come back to this place again.


If I mow my lawn diagonally just to be ironic, does that make me a cynic?


This is total BS. The questions went worded properly and I definitely don't trust this "quiz". I'm outta here...


So you have to be american to be a cynic ?


There are other countries to refer to besides the states, bloody Yanks they're all the same, me, myself and I! Good job I am not a cynic I could take all this tongue in cheek stuff seriously. Hooray for positive cynism!


Oh my god, Always tought i had a big problem. Always felt like I'm smarter than a lot around me, never fit in. I am, and I'm aware that be a little proud of that is not humble. Hahahahaha, oh my god is like poison.

Barry Hunter

I enjoy winding up others on sunday mornings, I now have started the habit of keeping a chocolate bar in a dog poop bag in
My pocket whilst on Sunday preamble with mans best friend. I like to see folks reactions as I stuff lumps of half melted Mars bar into my mouth from
Said poop bag

Andrew Imken

You had me laughing at number five but then I realized this test was just a ploy to get me to feel good about the world. But I won't be fooled. Nice try.

Matthew Rix Whiting

I´m a cynic, I run trails and I drink really good Belgian beer (or anything else alcoholic)


We are bio-machines made by some entity. It's an experiment on a controlled environment (this planet).

We may be collecting resources for some advanced civilization without us knowing (only a few,those who want more and more may know the truth and they get special treat and technology advances), otherwise i don't picture why food isnt enough for everyone on this world.

Both are different theories, but can be mixed somehow.


Perfect score. For extra credit I disagreed with all of the comments.


Hi... I'm a cynic. I think all of you are out of touch and full of it. I'm already annoyed at what a response to my comment would be.


17, *shrugs*

Nadia Toplosky

Oops, the site is alive and well.
We are a pack, let's keep it howling ...


I think that facebook, snapchat and the like have been created by the Government in order to keep the masses too busy facechatting to bother talking about things. Round the lunch table at work everyone is busy stuffing their face with one hand and scrolling up their attention controlling device with the other. Does this thought make me a cynic or just paranoid.

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