The most fun you can have while scowling.


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Bill Oxman

I used to have that exact same door mat. Only mine was positioned upside down. Permanently.


I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

Arthur Orrity

I used to be a cynic, but then I hit my head against the pavement, & I'm all-right now!


Hey Rick. Every now and then I pop in here to take a peek and am so gratified to see the site is still up. I score 21 on your questionnaire so I'll say no more. Whenever I feel the down about the way the sheeple are behaving I think of this site and am encouraged to know that I am not alone. The cynics life can be a hard one surrounded by the tree huggers, fairy people, laws-of-attraction freaks and MBA's. Seeing the world the way it is may not always be a joyful event, but it does avoid a great deal of disappointment and allows one to act when others are still wondering what just happened.

Archie Perriwinkle

With all the other "isms" around nowadays to take up people's time, cynicism can be said to be "well and truly dead", or, if not completely dead is, at least, partly defunct. In fact, the only thing to be said about it now is "cynicism is dead, long live cynicism." And that's really saying something about it.


Tip Jar?

Shouldn't this site be *gleefully* soliciting commercial advertising?

-- FirstNameLast.

Real Cinic

america is dead and there is no way to save it.
the world is going to blow itself up because people know want an atomic war.
even better my generation-(AKA) generation X wont look up from there phones lang enuf to see what is happening.
It rilly is a brave knew world.

Chris Jones

Recent events have brought me back here. The stuff going on in the world, particularly in America right now, is pretty much confirmation of everything that we cynics have been saying for a long, long time. So I am back, to the only place that really makes any sense right now.


@Chris Jones
That is why I am back here too. It sucks having your cynicism validated in such a horrible way. Oh well, at least I am home.


Wonderful site. Thank you!!

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  • (n.) An idealist whose rose-colored glasses have been removed, snapped in two and stomped into the ground, immediately improving his vision. -- Rick Bayan, author of The Cynic's Dictionary (and host of this site)


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